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The garden is our time clock.
Here the 268 plants interweave a speechless talk.
Also from the simplest plant comes a sign.
A light breeze gently blows the white clouds across the sky above Verona where the ancient Gardello Tower rises.

In the garden of the Gabbia d’Oro the butterflies have returned and the curious blackbird has left.

Hortensias and lush, green jasmine in bloom and perfumed herbs invite one to close one’s eyes for a moment and enjoy peace of mind.

One has the sensation of being in the right place at the right time. This “present” should be breathed in strongly.

Can one light a cigarette? Yes, one can. The plants are on our side and become friends and silent allies of our thoughts.

The tower that has stood for almost seven hundred years no longer wishes to stand alone; our glance catches its image and the mysterious and harmonious dialogue is enriched by its presence in all seasons.
What was the medieval garden like? Protected and inspired by the monastic hortus. There was room for a botanic garden, for aromatic and medicinal herbs, for flowers, the olive tree and a few fruit trees. And the well, a symbol of life and of peace.

Ancient illuminated codices describe the medieval garden as a fabulous place without time. The garden of the Gabbia d’Oro today still maintains and offers the same spirituality. An ancient well, a vine, the olive tree, the orange tree and the mandarin, aromatic herbs, flowers, palm trees … and the same ideals.

A small but perfect garden.

Here nature is alive all year round, in harmony with Beauty and Peace.

Here past and present are entwined. Here, in all seasons, every day has Meaning.

G. M.

Gabbia D’Oro

Ancient Seminar

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